The name of the game in 2021 and beyond is TECHNOLOGY!  It is happening all around us.  We live in unprecedented times and we are in the midst of a massive shift that technology is playing the main part in.  You see it with Uber Eats, up to the minute notifications of your food delivery, Amazon, full disclosure on arrival of your package and all backed up pictures from the drivers.  The food equipment service industry has been behind the curve of technology, UNTIL NOW.

Enter the Care Team here at Malachy Parts & Service with our partners XOi Technologies and you have full transparency through pictures and video on every job.  There are no longer any questions as to what our certified, authorized, essential technicians are doing.  In fact, let me show you a few videos and what they look like:

Now that you have a better understanding as to what these videos can look like, are you intrigued?  We deliver high performance repairs completed by factory authorized and trained technicians.  It’s all about trust and honesty with the Care Team!  You get it on every job!

In a fast paced world, this helps slow things down for our customers.  It allows them to see where their money is being spent and gives us the opportunity to have factual conversations.  We value our partnerships tremendously and this is bringing us closer than ever to the people that put their trust in Malachy Parts & Service daily.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out