Our Guarantee

180 Days of Coverage

Industry Leading Warranty

Here at Malachy Parts & Service, we know customer satisfaction is at the top of the list and we personally guarantee every job and every part for 180 Days. While most other companies provide a 30-90 day warranty, Malachy understands that adding Value to what we do is crucial and a differentiator. Learn more about the Differentiators that Malachy Offers HERE!

Warranty and How it Works – Parts fail. We know that. When they will fail, well, that is always to be determined. Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball and we have no psychics on staff so we’ll have to leave the repairs and magic to our amazing technicians!

While each job we perform is unique, the 180 day parts and labor warranty is simple. The warranty date starts the day a part or parts are installed in your equipment along with the necessary labor hours and ends 180 days from that install date. Should any issues arise, we ask that you call us immediately so we can dispatch a technician to assess the situation. Water damage, user abuse and acts of nature are NOT covered.

Our installations also carry a 180 day satisfaction guarantee. If any issues arise during this period pertaining directly to the installation only, we will cover you!

180 Day Guarantee