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An installation can be a very tedious thing. Not all commercial kitchen equipment installs are created equal. If anyone knows that, it’s team Malachy! We’ve been at it for over 30 years and our expertise is unmatched when it comes to installing one fryer or ice machine or your entire kitchen. What do we need from you to get started?

Step 1 – What are we installing?

We want to be thorough, so the first thing we want to know is what specific equipment it is you plan on having installed. Is it new or used? Are there various pieces? Are we receiving, staging and delivering equipment at our facility? Once we get a better understanding, we can move on to step 2!

Step 2 – Site Survey

Before beginning any work, we send a certified technician to take a detailed look at your kitchen. This survey allows us to look at your existing kitchen equipment and put a plan together so the new fryer, oven, ice machine, steamer, combi oven etc can be installed without any hiccups.

We have been doing this long enough (over 30 years) to know that details matter with every commercial kitchen equipment installation.

Here are just a few of the things we look for:

  • Will the new equipment need to go up or down any stairs?
  • Will the gas lines need to be moved or changed?
  • Will water lines need to be changed?
  • Is the electric line the correct size?

Step 3 – The Install

While other companies may skip straight to this step, we know that isn’t wise and can lead to problems and increased costs for you. When we get to the installation, you already know exactly what will be required and what is happening so there are no surprises.

All commercial kitchen equipment installations from the Malachy Cares Team are performed by trained and certified technicians so you know your equipment will run as designed.