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1. Clean Condensing & Evap Coils
2. Check Compressor Amp Draw/Voltage
3. Test Defrost Timers & Check Settings
4. Leak test & Check Freon levels

Refrigeration Equipment is crucial to your foodservice operation and not maintaining can be COSTLY!

1. The number one reason you will have issues with your refrigerators and freezers: 100% Blocked Coils – Therefore, you need
to have regular maintenance to clean out the condensing and evaporator coils.

2. Let’s check that compressor! If you’re not cleaning coils, compressors become real workhorses. With regular maintenance,
we can check the amp draw, voltage and make sure your compressor is running as it should. A blown compressor can mean
thousands in lost product.

3. Defrost timers need to be set properly. Staff can often change settings leaving your product to freeze or thaw. During
routine maintenance, we can check the timer and update staff on procedures.

4. Leaks can occur. Freon levels can fluctuate causing temperatures to rise. When you plan ahead, our technicians can
put the guages on, make sure the refrigerant levels are where they should be and add where necessary all while making
sure there are no leaks found.

The bottom line is YOUR bottom line matters and when you neglect the equipment in your kitchens, it will cost you.

Schedule a FREE walk-through today and let’s get your equipment in top shape to last longer and perform better!