1. Check for gas leaks
2. Boil out/Clean regularly/Filtration
3. Change Filters
4. Set up a Maintenance plan with US!

Check for Gas Leaks

Checking for gas leaks is important as it is a major safety issue for your employees and customers alike. Every four to six weeks, check for any possible gas leaks. The easiest way to test this is by spraying the gas supply hoses with soapy water. If you see any bubbles appear, that means there is a leak. If you smell any gas in your kitchen, make sure to check immediately.

Boil Out / Clean

Clean your fryers! Boiling out helps remove grease and carbon build up. If you have filtration, you should do so daily to prevent clogs. Grease build up causes fire, so have your staff cleaning daily.

Change Filters

Change filters! Filter paper helps to separate the little bits of cooked food from the oil, which helps to extend the life of your oil.

The main thing you can do, is contact Team Malachy to set up a maintenance plan so you NEVER have to worry about it. You serve
your customers and we’ll serve you.