Broaster Pressure Fryers

Have you ever had fried chicken? We’re positive the answer is, “YES!”.

Have you ever had BROASTER PRESSURE FRIED CHICKEN? If you are answering, “NO!”, you need to keep reading.

The #1 unit aka the popular kid in school aka the most popular fryer in your kitchen NOW:

Our most popular model, offering the best combination of production capacity and space efficiency. The BROASTER 1800 was designed for maximum space efficiency and can produce up to 14 lbs. of fresh chicken per load.

32 pieces of fresh bone-in chicken per load
18” in overall width
Available in gas or electric models
Touch screen controller option now standard

When we went on the road and asked people to try the chicken, all of the reactions were the same. “This
chicken is juicy!” or “Best chicken I’ve ever had and it’s not greasy!”

Need to add some fried chicken to your menu? When we tell you, these are the best on the market, we stand behind every
word we say. People will keep coming back for more. You have different options! Just want the fryers? No problem. Want the Broaster recipe for your business? Done! Each is made of the highest quality proprietary ingredients, breaded and ready-to-cook – for a distinctive taste that customers will come back time and time again for.

Take a look at this beauty. If you need help, reach out! 1-800-794-1415