What is a Nuisance Call? If you ask Dr. Evil, he’d probably say the “giant laser on the moon wasn’t working” and when they sent a tech into orbit, they found it wasn’t plugged in!

We would actually agree! Here are a few common nuisance calls you can avoid before you call and have a technician dispatched:

1. Make sure your unit is plugged in (don’t be Dr. Evil)
2. Make sure you check the main breaker box and that nothing is tripped. (power outages can cause this)
3. Make sure you check the main gas line before you panic. (nightly cleaning crews have been known to do this)

These three tips can save you $$$ and it goes right back to your bottom line. If you happen to call us, let us know all of the issues you’re experiencing. We often walk our customers through some of these check points on the phone to avoid a truck roll and save you real dollars. If we can’t fix it over the phone, no worries, one of our certified, authorized, essential Care Team Technicians will be scheduled. We are here for you. #MalachyCares

Well, that’s all for this blog post, we hope it helped! If it did, let us know! CareTeam@malachycares.com