You may think just placing a call ‘real quick’ and moving on with your day is no big deal but when you look at it more closely, information is power!

1. Provide us the manufacturer of your equipment, the model and serial # and we can now pinpoint exactly what we’re working on.

2. Be descriptive with the problems you are experiencing! What time of day does it happen? Are there error codes? Is it intermittent? Unit turns on, doesn’t heat? Blowing breakers? TELL US EVERYTHING!

3. Timing is everything in life and in the food equipment service industry! 8am is the ONLY call guaranteed. Why? Because technicians have a schedule already set in place, day in and day out. If we have restrictions, for example, only after 2pm, you put yourself at risk for getting pushed back until the next day or paying for overtime. If we can work together, we can make things happen.

4. Always check for the obvious. Is the unit plugged in? Is the gas valve turned ON? Did you check the breakers? With these 4 things knows, your restaurant or food service business will be back in business faster and that’s what we call a partnership!

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