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Safety is Number One in Your Commercial Kitchen

July 14, 2017 by Rich Malachy | News

Commercial Kitchen, safety

Safety is Number One in Your Commercial Kitchen


Today’s commercial kitchens are getting busier and probably more often than not, the last thing on your mind is worrying about equipment until it’s too late.  A chef’s best friend is his cooking equipment and when a fryer, oven or griddle goes down in the middle of service, it can cause chaos!  Preparing for the unknown can be tough but that is why Malachy is here!  We are here to worry for you.  We are here to plan.  We are here to CARE!  With that said, more and more across our wonderful state of NJ, fire departments are requesting that your cooking equipment stays in place, under the hood, so if there is a fire, your suppression system can be effective.  Your employees and customers safety is always number one.  Your kitchen staff may not be paying attention and when your equipment is free to roll around on casters, they can move away from your hood just far enough where if a fire broke it, it could be costly.  We have a plan for you!  Here is a play by play on how we can secure your equipment, abide by fire codes and stay safe!

1)  Call 201-823-1415
2)  Tell a Malachy Cares Team Member you want to “Secure Your Equipment to the floor!”
3)  We dispatch a trained technician with the Caster Placement Kits you see above and install
4)  YOU have peace of mind!

NFPA Codes 17A (5.6.4) and 96 ( require that a means
be present to ensure cooking equipment is always positioned in
its design specified location in relation to the fire suppression and
ventilation systems during cooking operations.

Correct equipment placement allows the fire safety systems to effectively protect the kitchen and its staff in the event of a fire.

How important is consistent equipment placement?

Caster-mounted equipment such as warming carts can be placed anywhere in a commercial kitchen, but often it is difficult to keep the equipment in the same location consistently. With each use, equipment in a line can shift positions leading to inefficient use of available space and additional time requirements to reorganize the line.

• Can be used with all caster-mounted equipment
• Open floor design allows all casters to rest level on the floor to ensure even cooking
• Satisfies NFPA codes 17A (5.6.4) and 96 (
• Fast, easy installation with choice of adhesive foam tape or thumb screw hardware pack (both included)

Recommended Applications:
• Gas & Electric Cooking Equipment
• Holding & Warming Carts
• Food Transportation Carts
• Salad Bars
• Mobile Refrigerators & Freezers
• Banquet Carts