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Putting yourself at the top of your gift list

December 24, 2018 by Rich Malachy | Blog

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Putting yourself at the top of your gift list

Putting yourself at the top of your gift list

It’s definitely the time for lists. Grocery lists, party refreshment lists and gifts lists – lots and lots of gift lists. You know who most deserves a gift from you? You. While you’re busy making sure everybody else is full of food and drink and opening the perfect gifts, maybe you should think about giving yourself what you want (or need) most. The lists suggested below are just a start. The sky’s the limit to what you add to your own gift lists.

Goals, personal
The minute you write something down it immediately becomes more real than it was 10 seconds ago. So dig deep, this is serious business. What would you like to personally accomplish before the ball drops in Times Square, or in 2019 or before you’re 50? No judging (by you or anybody else whose voice might be in your head), if you think it, write it down.

If you had a million dollars, which one would you cross off the list first? Now, forget the million dollars and still do one small thing today to get closer to that goal. You want to learn to fly a plane? Don’t question why or if it’s a reasonable goal, just Google “learn to fly a plane,” and see if the results don’t include something relatively affordable (like spending time with a flight simulator) that you could do or start saving for today.

Goals, professional
Don’t stop writing (aka making real) – new list. What would move you forward professionally? If we lived in a perfect world, which would you tackle first? What can you do today to take steps to make it happen? It’s Nike time. Just do it.

The nice list
This is a very important list, maybe the most important list. What are ways that you can be nicer to yourself? If this list is hard for you to start, write this down: Believe in myself. Just writing that is a challenge for a lot of people. If your list doesn’t have anything except “Believe in myself” on it, that’s o.k. Work on only that one thing and I promise life will improve a little every day. And as it comes true (because you wrote it down), you’ll think of other things to add.

The naughty list
Do you have writer’s cramp yet? This is the last suggested list. Write down all the things in your life (habits, people, ideas) that are getting in the way of you creating the life you want. As far as lists go, this is the one that can be the hardest to work on. Maybe you never do anything with this particular list. Just being aware of what might be keeping where you are is enough. When you’re ready, you’ll address each item on the list.

No wrapping paper, no credit card bill coming in 2019 – just a set of lists that might be the launchpad for the life you want. Worth the effort, don’t you think?