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Thank you for stopping by to meet the Malachy Cares Team! We are building our business on one word: “CARE” What does that mean? It means we are going to do all the little things that matter so much. You will get the phone call to update you, the email and the text. Our technicians will see you on arrival & departure explaining what they’ve done. The Care Team is about communication, respect and urgency. The difference here is in the people. They truly care about you and what we are building. Feel free to reach out to any one of us. You will be treated like family every time.

Rich Malachy
201.823.1415 ext 605
Samantha Hernandez
Vice President
201.823.1415 ext 610
Geraldine Figueroa
Service Manager
201.823.1415 ext 635
Janine Tullock
Chief Admin Officer
201.823.1415 ext 941
Vejai Singh
AP/AR Manager
201.823.1415 ext 633
Fred Constantino
Sales Director