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First, you’ll need to contact us so we can get some information such as: Where are you located? What type of equipment needs to be repaired? Is this an emergency? Is the equipment under warranty? Best time to pick up?

Once we get the details, we can let you know what the next steps are.

How to contact us: 800-794-1415 Connects you with NJ’s Care Team!

What can we pick up to repair? Various types of Ovens, steamers, grills/flat tops, fryers, toasters, slicers, kettles, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves by the brands you’ve come to know and trust and that we’re factory authorized for such as Blodgett, Pitco, Rational, Globe, Hatco, Star Mfg, frymaster, cleveland range, delfield, merrychef, turbochef, univex, migali, groen, randell, vulcan hart, jade range, apw wyott, aj antunes, prince castle, angelopo and many more!

After we pick up and make the repairs, our team will spray and/or wipe down your equipment with antibacterial products. Please also note, our technicians have all the necessary PPE such as masks, gloves, antibacterial spray/gel/wipes etc to be as safe as possible.

What’s it cost? Easy, $99.00 per hour(minimum) plus parts or materials necessary to repair. We can provide a quote for repairs immediately for approval! (plus applicable taxes)

We know the world and our businesses have slowed down tremendously due to COVID19, however, we must continue to push forward. We are a small business that employs 30 people, that have families and we are doing our best to keep our business running throughout this time. We are here, we are working, we are supporting our manufacturer partners, customers new and old and we thank you for choosing Team Malachy for all of your Commercial Cooking, Refrigeration, Dishwashing & Food Prep Equipment.